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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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Services Provided

Individual Therapy: 

This is the most commonly used type of therapy in my practice. Sessions are often held on a weekly basis often somewhere between 50 to 100 minutes. During these sessions I not only learn of your concerns, I listen with an empathic ear, conveying to you my deep appreciation of your concerns. Together we then explore all the pros and cons of making any changes to your thoughts, behavior, or environment. And lastly we use as many forms and techniques that we need to help you change what needs to be changed. In this last segment, we heavily rely on Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Group Therapy: 

Occasionally, I hold a 4 week group therapy when I have several clients who present with similar issues and when I sense that those clients could benefit from the strength of group therapy. 
The groups are usually held in the evening hours to help with commuters' time frame and it always goes for 1.5 hours per evening. 

Intensives and Distance Therapy:

It is quite common that individuals benefit from a series of long therapy hours that last 3-4 hours/day over the span of a few days to reach the final goal of therapy, what brought them in the first place.

The intensives are particularly useful because of the continuity in care that is embedded in it. You don't have to break away after just one hour and wait an entire week to come back to the work you had begun the prior week. I have seen tremendously good results in my clients, reporting that they feel so much better after just one session of an intensive. 

The intensives are also very popular for those who live outside of California. While myself and many certified TEAM clinicians in the bay area are working hard at training clinicians around the country and around the world to learn this amazing therapy skill, we still have to give it time for this group to grow in numbers. Meanwhile, it is quite common for individuals who have tried several types of therapy and have not noticed the help they were looking for to travel to California and stay close to one of my offices for a week or so, and come to therapy every day for several hours a day.