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Intensive and Distance Therapy

If you are a professional with a full work schedule or someone who lives a distance away from any of my office locations you might like to learn about the "Intensives" that I offer.

In order for "change" to happen, you might not need weeks and months to wait. Using advanced cognitive behavioral techniques (The T.E.A.M model) we can schedule you for a 3-day therapy, or a weeklong therapy. Patients fly from one coast to another if it only takes a few days to find recovery from a long term anxiety issue or a lifetime of depressive mood.

For an "Intensive" as such, we would spend some time on the phone and on video chat to reach a mutual decision as to whether doing an "Intensive" is right for you. Then we both clear our schedules for those few days and meet for a certain number of hours per day for a certain number of days. The result of such high power way of doing life chaning therapy have shown to be tremendously satisfying and beneficial.

The cost is no more than spending those same number of hours in therapy over a period of weeks or months, this way the number of hours you spend are tremendously shorter, therefore the entire cost of therapy significantly less expensive, and access to recovery is extremely quicker.

To learn more about intensives, schedule a free phone consultation (see home page for calendar)