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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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Welcome to Dr. Dashtban’s psychology practices.

My name is Dr. Dashtban and I have psychology practices in Mt. View, Fremont and Santa Cruz, California. In Fremont I am the co-founder of Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center of Fremont. Please visit Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center for more information. 

The type of psychotherapy that I offer in my practice is heavily informed by the teachings of 
Dr. David Burns, M.D. professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University. The T.E.A.M approach emphasizes two factors as prominently responsible for mood and anxiety disorders: cognitions (thoughts) and motivations.

Years of research and clinical observations in the field of psychology has shown that long lasting improvement in mood, relationships, habits and lifestyle come when: 

1) The individual is willing to take a look at his or her beliefs or thoughts and consider changing them to a more therapeutically helpful thought or belief. 
2) The motivation to change does not interfere with another subconscious motive to keep things the way they are.

Using the T.E.A.M approach, I help individuals and families realize the long desired changes and improvements in their symptoms. This help is brought to you with the minimum use or gradual discontinuation of drugs and medications. 

For individuals who are seeking to improve a chronic health condition such as chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, digestive issues and food sensitivities, my practice is particularly geared to help. Working in close conjunction with your providing physician and other allied health professionals, I help in developing a treatment plan that minimizes your need to depend on medications and bring about relief and comfort back into your life. I am a trained
 Medical Psychologist, which is a sub-specialty of clinical psychology that keeps abreast of the interplay between mind and body. Please visit my profile Psychology Today.

If you are interested in becoming a patient of my practice you are encouraged to schedule an initial 15-minute free phone consultation by using the scheduling calendar below.

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